Here are comments from some of Hoofprints, Inc’s clients:


Thanks so much for your expert work and interest. Your photos on your website are wonderful! Hope to see you in winners circle early and often!

Thanks so much for the wonderful pictures! I am drinking coffee out of my picture mug and looking at the babies. I hope you enjoyed the visit to FH. Needless to say, I love them all and can’t wait to get them to the races.

OMG!!! I should have had a video camera…TD’s facial expression was great…your photo was “The Hit”. It couldn’t have gotten any better! Tell Mark everyone loved the photo, SD said it had to hang in their living room and TD agreed. All of them loved it. She absolutely went wild when she saw it. SD wants to take it tomorrow to show LH. My father even was enthusiastic about the composite photo and couldn’t believe how great it was and it takes a lot to get him excited about things. He thought the backgrounds with the roses and the fall colors were gorgeous. TD really liked the action shots also. I think she was really surprised how the photos turned out. She also said she never gets to see Slim because she is always on him and she didn’t realize how good he can look! I am supposed to thank you profusely.

It was so nice of you to spend so much time on this for me. Best surprise ever! I can’t thank you enough.

I was just introduced to your services and find it very useful as I live in Colorado and rarely have a chance to see my horses run in person.

It arrived & is just great. It’s a shot that any horseman could appreciate, but one I will treasure since it’s one of the few (surprisingly) of my dad in his element. Thanks for capturing it!

Great pictures – now the hard part which ones to buy – ?????? I’ll have to review them several more times and then look at your posting tomorrow –

very well done…on my wall already…..thanks

I got the photos. They are perfect. Thanks so much for your quick delivery.

Thanks for keeping such a great archive!

The large photos were here when I arrived at work

Best regards and thanks for your help. I appreciate your professionalism very much

Thanks so much! I really appreciate the quick turnaround.

Love your new website – especially the search function in archives. I searched for my horse and she popped right up.

You were a pleasure to work with.